Dyslexia Strengths

Living with dyslexia can be difficult it can also be tough and stressful. Motivation and perseverance is not often lacking but you may find yourself doing a small amount of procrastination, but that is life!  Many dyslexics face many difficulties. I’m a severely dyslexic adult and have many challenges every day from writing out a list to reading a newspaper but what my strengths?  In a previous role


It’s not nice to say that you’re never going to succeed, back in my school days this is exactly what I was told.   At nine years old I was told that I was dyslexic, so what did it mean to me? I was different how did that make me feel? At first, I was excited I wanted to be different, but I use the analogy of it’s like going to

Reading, Spelling and Technology Typing?

For as long as I can remember I’ve been around typing programs which has been most of my life. When I say typing programs I mean touch typing and learning to use the keyboard correctly. We often take typing for granted as the majority of us use the keyboard every day on a computer or a tablet device.   Let’s first look at two of the

Understanding Mindview

Memory or working memory can be a big problem for dyslexic people. Organising your thoughts onto paper can be very difficult. Put yourself in this situation, a piece of paper in front of you and you must write a story or a report where do you start. Your mind is spinning you have mountains of


There are many products and services out there that are designed to aid children with the difficulties they face with dyslexia. There are many teachers out there that can support students with dyslexia. There are also several products available to support and aid teaching. Nessy Reading and Spelling is one of them. Nessy Reading and