Understanding Mindview

downloadMemory or working memory can be a big problem for dyslexic people. Organising your thoughts onto paper can be very difficult. Put yourself in this situation, a piece of paper in front of you and you must write a story or a report where do you start. Your mind is spinning you have mountains of information in your brain but the problem is you can’t get it from your head onto paper. Many dyslexics find mind mapping an excellent way of organising thoughts. But we still have that concept of doing it on paper meaning that we’ve got other barriers including spelling, poor handwriting and distractions by moving this concept onto a computer and using a product like mindview can be most helpful.

I’ve used Mindview now for over five years and I’ve tried many mind mapping tools and this is the one that works well for me.

If we have to quickly get information from our head onto paper or onto the screen, Mindview has this great way of doing stuff you and by typing MindView-6-New-Iconsyour topic in the centre and pressing enter it enters a new branch which appears as you keep typing and pressing enter and if you want to delve deeper into that branch you can press the insert button and it will move into a subbranch then every time you press enter it will create another subbranch and if you want to delve into more detail you can use insert an entry again. Click here to view the video on this concept. This is a great way of using Mindview for planning ideas.

Mindview has many features where you can build up maps, create timelines, create reports and documents it even has Gantt charts for business planning. You can use Mindview to create an amazing tool for your needs.

In the past I’ve used it for to-do lists and for growing ideas and also creating reports this is due to the great integration with Microsoft Word.

Click here to view my webinar on Understanding and using Mindview.