A day in life with dyslexia: Writing

When I think of dyslexia I think of the strengths and my ability to think outside the box and to have creativity. Creativity is not always about being able to draw or sculpture or even paint a masterpiece creativity is all-rounders. 

As a dyslexic adult writing can be very difficult for me as you know I class myself as a severely dyslexic adult. When I say writing is very difficult for me handwriting definitely is along with spelling. As you may be aware many dyslexics have co-occurring difficulties therefore they have other differences that may cause other difficulties and, in my case, I have tendencies of dyspraxia and ASD, some people call these co-occurring difficulties some call them: Nero diverse.  

Dyspraxia is motor co-ordination difficulty that affects co-ordination through everyday activities the same as dyslexia, it is a lifelong condition and can affect people in different ways. One of my biggest difficulties with my dyspraxia is how clumsy I am, I can drop things three or four times, I can walk into doors and when I’m tired this gets more apparent. 

How does dyspraxia affect me in my writing? With its close neighbour dyspraxia which is the prom with fine motor coordination. Both of these problems can affect my hand to eye co-ordination therefore forming letters isn’t very easy and when you add in the more severe dyslexia side of me and the severe problems with spelling and the frustration it causes me this is when writing can be really difficult but being specific handwriting. 

Being able to write this blog is a creativity trait of my dyslexia, thinking of how to explain to you, the reader, how writing in my life affects me. At this point I have written 294 words. Of course, I’ve dictated that because I use technology to support my needs, therefore I do have a difficulty with handwriting, but writing is not a big difficulty when you remove the frustration of spelling and the frustration of handwriting and my creative side can grow. 

Ensuring that any dyslexic person understands their strengths means that dyslexics can succeed, and we should succeed with dyslexia.