Free webinars in November

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 and the SEND Group work very closely together on running free webinars on different types of technology that can be used to support dyslexic people and November is no exception, I’m delighted to let you know that I’m running five free webinars over the whole of November.

Starting on 9th November, Supporting Reading using the C-Pen Reader

This webinar will look at how we can use the C-Pen Reader to support children through to adult hood with dyslexia with an aid to reading. I will also show you how the C-Pen Reader works and how it can be used in a classroom situation and at home also how we can use it in an exam situation.

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10th of November, Understanding Claro Read

This webinar will explain the difference between TTS and a screen reader and will give you the benefits of using Claro Read for dyslexic learners. I will be looking at the personal experiences of myself Arran Smith, and how I use Claro Read in different situations I will also be helping you understand how to use it within the classroom situation and in exams.

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16th November, The Complete Package from Nessy Training, Screening and Intervention.

Nessy products are designed to support children with dyslexia their full product range includes Dyslexia Training for teachers and TA’s, Dyslexia Quest a screening tool to screen for dyslexia and their intervention programme Nessy Reading and Spelling which is a structured programme to support dyslexic children.

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23rd of November, Understanding Mindview

Mindview six is mind mapping tool which is very powerful and can be user-friendly for some dyslexics. This webinar will give you a brief overview of how Arran Smith uses the product to support with his dyslexia.

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30th November, Touch Type Read and Spell

This webinar will give you an overview of how to use Touch Type Read and Spell and the benefits.

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These are all free webinars and run by myself Arran Smith, using personal experiences to show how we can support dyslexic learners by using different types of technology.

As part of the SEND Group webinar programme I will also be running a webinar on 6th December “Using Technology in the Classroom”. I will be looking what is out there to be used within the classroom situation to support all learners. The cost of this webinar is £12 for a 15% discount please click here.