2016 Now 2017

mind-map-1272282_19202016 has been and gone and it was an amazing year with its normal activities and challenges.

I have a number of goals for 2017.  Before I go into them we must remember one thing, when you are dyslexic your body is always under stress and we should think of ways of offloading that stress.  Forward planning is probably the best thing you can ever do, so that is what I tried to do. I created a whole strategy plan for 2017 which is a huge mind map, which meant that I should have had less stress at Christmas, before thinking about the new year.

As a dyslexic writing is not always easy. Creating content, believe it or not is one of my goals for 2017.

This year’s goal is to complete actions on my action plan and to take every opportunity and succeed.

This week is the start of an exciting time. I will be at the BETT Show I’m going to keep updating you with what’s going on, what I’ve found interesting and what I’ve seen. So why not tweet me and let me know your thoughts.