Dyslexia Strengths

Living with dyslexia can be difficult it can also be tough and stressful. Motivation and perseverance is not often lacking but you may find yourself doing a small amount of procrastination, but that is life!  Many dyslexics face many difficulties. I’m a severely dyslexic adult and have many challenges every day from writing out a list to reading a newspaper but what my strengths?  In a previous role

Reading, Spelling and Technology Typing?

For as long as I can remember I’ve been around typing programs which has been most of my life. When I say typing programs I mean touch typing and learning to use the keyboard correctly. We often take typing for granted as the majority of us use the keyboard every day on a computer or a tablet device.   Let’s first look at two of the

Training, Assessment, and Intervention

[ssf id=121234344] When we think about training, assessment, and intervention traditionally we would probably associate all these activities with a human being. Going to a training course to see a person talk. A teacher assessing a child. A specialist intervention programme for a young person. Traditionally this works. We are in the 21st century and