Dyslexia Strengths
Living with dyslexia can be difficult it can also be tough and stressful. Motivation and perseverance is not often lacking but you may find yourself doing a small amount of procrastination, but that is life!  Many dyslexics face many difficulties. I’m a severely dyslexic adult and have many challenges every day from writing out a list to reading a newspaper but what my strengths?  In a previous role I was told by senior members of staff that if there is ever a problem we always go to Arran as I’m pretty good at solving problems, I look at the situation and look for a solution, I can think outside the box and can look at the bigger picture, I have lots of ideas but have difficulty writing them down it’s better for me to explain it verbally. One of my strengths is looking at the problem and thinking how to solve it, this is probably because my dyslexia enables me to do this, team building activities are things I enjoy doing as I’m able to contribute and often solve the problem before others.  Seeing the bigger picture is being able to understand what action you or someone else may make and what the consequences will make be it a positive or negative contribution.  My brain works at a hundred miles an hour, I am constantly thinking of ideas planning, strategising and trying to live in everyday life. In a previous role I worked in retail environment and at certain times in the year it was sale season, I worked as a supervisor working with the management but also working on the shop floor and I could never understand why people got stressed about sale, yes I can understand it’s a lot of work but I strived in it which I also I think is another strand my dyslexia, that I can see both sides of any story, but coming back to the sale, why people didn’t enjoy the sales, I had no problems with it mainly because it was at a fast pace and decisions had to be made quickly which for me was easy as I could see a problem, I would think that that shelf is empty, I was then able to fill it or rally staff to fill the shelf, I was also able to work with customers and ensure they had the best experience even though we were in sale mode.  Looking at the advantages of dyslexia can actually be really beneficial, the CEO’s that are good strategy thinkers, the architects that can see that creative vision along with the artists, the actors, the businessmen and you and me.   Looking at the positive sides of dyslexia will help everyone to be able to grow in confidence and understand their difficulties and strengths which will be really positive.  We can have success with dyslexia!