Understanding Claro Read

Claro_logo_cmykMany people say that dyslexia is just about reading but this is not true of course. Of course, a high percentage of dyslexic people will have difficulties with reading. I am an advocate for trying to teach children to read but we also must think about how we can support children in situations such as exams. We also need to think about adults that have slipped through the net and need support.

As a dyslexic adult, I am happy to talk about my dyslexia and my difficulties, including how I only have a reading age of about a nine-year-old. This means that reading is very difficult for me because it takes me time to decode words and with my memory problems I forget what I I have already read. When it comes to my working environment using Claro Read is one of the products that I always have running. It read my emails, it proof reads my blogs and emails it also helps me ingest content from the Internet which enables me to be an independent learner and this is very important.

If we think of the classroom situation where a child is unable to read what is written in front of them what do we do? Do you get the teacher to it, do let them struggle or do we put technology in place to create a situation so that the child can be an independent learner by using a product like Claro Read, mildly dyslexic children can also use it when they are typing as they can hear what they have typed and hopefully will be able to self-correct work. They can also listen back to proof read work.

With the innovation of technology ClaroRead is now able to scan PDF’s and convert them into accessible versions which can be read. ClaroRead_SE_Toolbar_enThis means from an exam point of view using ClaroRead SE which just has the reading capability and screen scan allows a young person to scan text on the screen and listen back enabling them to self-learn and self-accomplish in exams this also saves money on human readers.

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