The first one

Being dyslexic and blogging it’s an odd combination

More than a year ago I set up this blog site. I said to myself you going to write more, well dictate more.
I’ve set up this blog site to talk about things that interest me and I think that might interest others. I will also do some reviews of products across in my thoughts related things that I’m interested in.

Over time I will cover many topics you’re probably find a common theme and lots of them might be related to dyslexia.

At age 8 I didn’t know why I was different I just know I was. I had the most vivid imagination and still do to this day. But I can’t write it down, I was different than all the other kids.

One of my earliest memories of not liking this difficulty when I had was when I was in the dining hall at school being asked what one times one wants. Of course I said 2. I was picked on most of my school life until I stood up and said enough is enough.

Around the age of eight or nine I found out I was dyslexic I thought great I now understand that I’m different to everyone else.

Take a moment to think going to the dentist and been told you’ve got to have 8 teeth taken out first thought I’m different. Second thought 8 teeth been taken out. Think how that feels! Painful, scared, stressed, useless , Think.

Or am I talking about what it felt like to be dyslexic. Many dyslexics around the world feel these emotions every day and is a nine-year-old boy so did I .

Over three years of my higher school I coped with  dyslexia okay. It hindered me a lot. I spent most of my time in the vice principles office. Not because I was naughty because he had a computer that I  learn how to use PowerPoint on. This was my second influence of liking technology. I first was when we got a computer at primary school and I got to play around with encartoer. This was before the Internet of course.

High school was difficult my mum tells me that one of my teachers said you know you’re never amount to anything. Well I think I have amounted to something.

Using my dyslexia as a positive rather than negative enabled me to achieve. Looking at the problem and trying to find a solution knowing there is always a solution to a problem is kind of the way I think.

You will see over this blog I will talk about   many things dyslexia is one of them. Hear  is a few others

  • assistive technology
  • Education
  • Technology in general
  • Apple
  • VoIP
  • And maybe some random

I hope you enjoy reading my first blog do you tweet me if you have any comments