Training, Assessment, and Intervention
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When we think about training, assessment, and intervention traditionally we would probably associate all these activities with a human being. Going to a training course to see a person talk. A teacher assessing a child. A specialist intervention programme for a young person. Traditionally this works.
We are in the 21st century and all of these activities above can be done on a computer, actually they can be done on any device which is connected to the internet.

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I’ve been working with Nessy as their Dyslexia Advisor for the last six weeks. As part of my experience of working within the dyslexia field I have seen many products and solutions to help and support dyslexic people. Nessy is definitely one of them. Their company mission is to support dyslexic people and with their wide range of products and solutions and they truly do this.
Nessy really does move in the 21st-century with training, assessment and intervention!
store_icon_dyslexiatrainingThe Nessy training programme is a six module online video tutorial training programme. The programme gives a basic awareness of dyslexia by looking at key areas which helps to spread awareness and understanding about dyslexia. The training programme looks at dyslexia and explains about phonological awareness, working memory, visual and auditory for processing and also gives tips on how to support and help people. The course takes about two hours, is online and accessible at any time and on any device allowing the user to go at their own speed. Why not try the demo video click here.
store_icon_DyslexiaQuest-2Early identification is key to ensure successful intervention. Screening is a great way of starting that early identification process. Nessy has developed an online screening programme for children aged 6-16. The screening tool is designed to give an indication if the child has dyslexic tendencies, screeners are used to give an indication and cannot be used as a definitive answer. The tool will look at phonological awareness, working memory along with visual and audible processing speeds. The product is a really good at starting the early identification process.
store_icon_nessyreading-01Nessy is known for its intervention programme. Nessy Reading and Spelling is used in many schools and by many young people, it’s a complete package that works at a structured level starting with a placement test that identifies the level and learning outcomes of the child. The product is aimed to support children with learning in a structured dyslexia friendly way. The program allows you to track, change and add additional resources to ensure that every child is learning at their level.
The Nessy motto is learn by having fun and that is true of every Nessy product.

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