Free webinars in November

 and the SEND Group work very closely together on running free webinars on different types of technology that can be used to support dyslexic people and November is no exception, I’m delighted to let you know that I’m running five free webinars over the whole of November. Starting on

Training, Assessment, and Intervention

[ssf id=121234344] When we think about training, assessment, and intervention traditionally we would probably associate all these activities with a human being. Going to a training course to see a person talk. A teacher assessing a child. A specialist intervention programme for a young person. Traditionally this works. We are in the 21st century and

The first one

Being dyslexic and blogging it’s an odd combination More than a year ago I set up this blog site. I said to myself you going to write more, well dictate more. I’ve set up this blog site to talk about things that interest me and I think that might interest others. I will also do